Pastor Joy Morgan
Conference Host

Pastor Joy Morgan, affectionately known as Pastor Joy, is an anointed woman of God who is passionate about motivating others to pursue their divine purpose and God-given destiny. Her earnest commitment to the Kingdom of God is evident as pastor, preacher, author, conference host, worship leader and life coach - all of which she handles with excellence and grace. Pastor Joy is an educated woman who graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, has a Masters Degree in Education Administration from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership at Regent University. She also possesses a certificate in Biblical Studies from Eastern University’s School of Christian Ministry. Pastor Joy is married to Pastor Dorion Morgan, and is his constant partner in ministry.


Serving as the Co-Pastor of Restoration Station, a thriving, dynamic church located in Edgewater Park, NJ, she serves along side of him in multiple church-related functions such as preaching, administration, counseling, and leading worship. Pastor Joy's practical, no-nonsense yet humorous approach to the Word of God has caused her to be a much sought after guest preacher. She has been blessed to minister the Word of God at various conferences and church services across the United States, as well as Canada and Bermuda, with the objective of empowering and inspiring people to greatness through Jesus Christ. Pastor Joy is the author of two books, Roadmap to Destiny, A 21-Day Devotional For Those On The Pathway To Purpose and G.E.T. U.P., 5 Steps to Bouncing Back When Life Knocks You Down, and has recently co-authored a book with her husband entitled, Home Team: How to Win on the Marriage Field.

Pastor Cora Jakes Coleman

Cora Jakes Coleman is a powerhouse preacher, associate pastor, and overseer of the children’s ministry at The Potter’s House Church of Dallas to name a few. Cora is proudly following in the footsteps of her well-known and influential parents, New York Times bestselling authors, movie producers and megachurch pastors, T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes.


She is known around the world as a powerful prayer warrior, Cora Jakes Coleman is an accomplished speaker and bestselling author who recently released her second book, “Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise.” In Ferocious Warrior, which was released on July 16, 2019 by Charisma House, Cora shares her powerful testimony of how she battled difficult obstacles including infertility, loss, depression and insecurity and WON!!

Dubbed the “Ferocious Warrior” by many who follow her teachings, one of the key principles that Cora Jakes Coleman adheres to is praying by faith. Cora has made it her mission to teach people how to fight for the life they want, armed with the weapons of faith, hope and prayer.  She also uses her platform to teach people how to pray and ask God for exactly what they want, through what she calls the five principles of prayer. In the words of her father, “Cora has redefined what it means to fight like a girl!”


Widely considered one of the leading global voices of her generation, Cora Jakes Coleman is a spiritual advisor and mentor to numerous people, corporate executives, civic leaders and celebrities, including Letoya Luckett and Tamar Braxton.

Cora is passionate about living a life of purpose and fertility, which is the ability to produce! Of her many accomplishments, Cora is the proudest of her role as wife to her wonderful husband, Brandon a.k.a Skii Ventura, and mother to their children, Amauri and Jason.

Bishop Ron Scott

As an Apostle, Bridge Builder, Mentor, and Spiritual Father for over twenty-five years, this servant of the Lord is focused on restoring covenant relationships and establishing divine spiritual authority in the Body of Christ. He is a respected man of God, both in the local church setting and on a national and international platform. While in demand as a conference speaker around the world, Bishop Scott has disciplined and regulated his schedule so that he can give quality attention to cultivating his vision to raise up a new generation of leadership to reach their world through the Limitless Network, a global network of ministries and churches. He always has the goal before him to help every individual to maturity in Christ. If he can help others achieve their destiny in God, he is fulfilled in his own purpose.

Bishop Wynell Freeman

Declaring a bold, tailor made word for the times, Bishop Wynell Freeman is a dynamic, sought after voice. Assured of her calling, she is passionate about her assignment to preach the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ.


She is the Senior Leader of Fresh Word Kingdom Assemblies, a vibrant, multi-cultural house of worship in Voorhees, New Jersey; the Chief Executive Officer of Free Man Ministries and Alignment with Purpose Fellowship (an amalgamation of churches, businesses and para-church entities), all of which she has founded during her nearly 30 year ministerial tenure . In addition she has travelled extensively, preaching the gospel on varied platforms and is an author in her own rite.

In May 2007, Wynell Freeman was publicly affirmed as an Apostle in the Lord’s church. This she says is not an elevation but rather identification for effective service. In compliance with Kingdom order and with full understanding of the necessity of spiritual covering, she is aligned with Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries, Bishop Ralph L. Dennis, Presiding Prelate. Powerfully anointed and assured of her place, she boldly declares that her number one ministry priority is to her high school sweetheart, the love of her life, her husband Anthony Freeman. They are the proud parents of one daughter.


Bishop Freeman says if she must be known for anything let it be for the words of Luke 4:18-19 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”

Toni Moore

Toni Moore Esquire, the Wealth Building Lawyer, is an attorney, business coach, and women's empowerment speaker who believes every woman has the potential to build wealth through entrepreneurship. From her Gross Poverty Childhood to her God Says I Can Ideology, Toni did not allow her beginnings to dictate her destiny. Instead, she went to the University of Pennsylvania from the projects, finished law school, and learned the language of wealth, Kingdom Principles, and Mindset Motivation to create a platform that blesses her, her family, her business, and her celebrity clients. Whether speaking, lawyering, strategizing, or writing Toni serves as a Wealth Building Advocate to empower anyone who will listen to uplevel their L.I.F.E. to uplevel their legacy.

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Terri Matthews

Terri Matthews is a faith-made entrepreneur, visionary, Emmy nominated show host, and award-winning author. She is also the Visionary of NXT LVL Love, a church without walls, with her husband, Lee Woodall. Deeply rooted in the Word of God, Terri motivates and educates from experience, using her adversity to bridge the gap between struggle and success.


One of Terri’s greatest inspirations comes from her three children. Her son, Jaden, was diagnosed with autism at three years of age. She dedicated tremendous amounts of time and money to ensure Jaden received the most advanced therapies available and founded Jaden’s Voice Inc., in 2010 to advocate and provide options to those with limited resources and her mission is to assist ASD classrooms with sensory tools needed to provide the best learning environment for autism students.

To further her mission for autism, Terri launched her show, “On the Spectrum,”, where she marries her wit, entrepreneurial acumen and autism advocacy experience to offer support and promote autism awareness. 


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Jennifer Black
Owner and CEO
1st 24 Bereavement Concierge Services and G.R.A.C.E.- Grief Recovery And Coach for Everyone

Jennifer Black is the owner and CEO of 1st 24 Bereavement Concierge Services and G.R.A.C.E.- Grief Recovery And Coach for Everyone. After enduring the loss of several family members over a short span of time and experiencing being taken advantage while grieving, Jennifer begun to notice the needs of grieving people not only extend to having support and guidance while planning the funeral but well beyond. With this new found knowledge Jennifer saw that grief isn’t an isolated event, rather several moments that people need assistance, advocacy, education, professionalism, comfort, peace, empathy, and security.

The Berlin, NJ native opened 1st 24 Bereavement Concierge Services in May 2015 with the goal to be full on support for clients beginning as soon as the first twenty-four hours of their loved ones passing. Jennifer’s services are made available to clients nationwide and include assistance with planning funerals, assisting families with other afterlife responsibilities post funeral, and a speciality in teaching women how to live life after a loss.


Jennifer currently holds a Bachelors of Science degree, is a ICF certified Grief Coach, and is a nationally licensed life insurance agent. Jennifer has been featured on several media outlets including The Trendy Savings Show Podcast, and Woman To Woman Talk Magazine. Jennifer is available for media requests and consultations with hospice facilities, hospitals, nursing and funeral homes, and private clients

Kendra Hall
NJ/Tristate chapter of Urban Not Average

Kendra Hall passionately champions for young women and other at-risk populations who are entering into adulthood through her writing, mentoring, and avid connectivity to resources that she shares to uplift and prosper others. Her state career began working for the Judiciary as a state-worker in 2001. She has since worked for the State of New Jersey for over 17 years. Kendra is the mother of four children (3 of whom are now adults). She is a devoted advocate for young women, sharing her own life experiences like being a teenage mother of three children by the age of 18 years, overcoming homelessness and domestic violence.

Additionally, she is best known for her helping and tenacious spirit and is very comfortable sharing her own life experiences with others on a one on one basis to help young women connect to the resources they need. She is also very good at creating relationships amongst people from all walks of life and giving good business and life advice providing creative solutions for problems. Ms. Hall is driven by her faith and the belief that she can make a positive difference in people’s lives to share her countless personal successes and inspire and instill hope in the people she mentors who are striving to rise above their current circumstances. 

Passionate about helping others move forward in life and helping them to find the value in themselves, Kendra is always researching ways to improve herself, as well. Ms. Hall is a board of Director and Secretary, as well as The President of the NJ/Tristate chapter of 501(c)3 organization Urban Not Average. She is using her skills and expertise to enrich and serve the community in as many ways as she can.

As a current resident New Jersey, she works to resolve hopelessness locally and throughout the country with the goal of obtaining her life-long mission of leveling-up in life by inspiring others with her triumphant story. Kendra has written her first self-help book entitled, “Dropping Jewelz: Guiding Principles to Help Girls Live Their Best Life”, followed by two more in the affirmation and fitness space, available on Amazon. She is spreading hope through the understanding that the power to succeed comes from within and not without, and by letting young women know that support is available. By teaching a philosophy of hope, she inspires others to maximize their life, no matter the obstacle. Kendra hopes to help as many young women as she can succeed in life.

De Bolton
Blogger and Wellness Coach
FaithFueled Mom

De Bolton is a mom of three girls and a wife to her best friend. De is a personal trainer and wellness educator. She has been sharing her faith and wellness journey blogging at FaithFueled Mom for over seven years. FaithFueled Mom is an award-winning blog that shares faith, wellness, and lifestyle education to help people on their wellness journey.  De is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Wellness Advisor, and Senior Fitness Specialist. De helps strong women get stronger equipping women with the tools to reclaim their bodies and renew their Spirit in the Lord.

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Cuzzin Paul
Comedian & Owner 
“BLESSED PERIOD aka Blessed." Clothing Company

CUZZIN PAUL, Oldest of 3, with my Middle brother being Killed in Afghanistan 4 days before his first attempt at Stand-Up Comedy has developed a way of doing Comedy which just evokes “#BeYou™️“. A Product of a Dual Parent Household who received LOVE, SUPPORT + GUIDANCE day in and DAY OUT!!!! His style is Storyteller with fun exaggeration. He draws his material and presence from his days as a Teacher and Part owner of a Childcare Facility in Philadelphia for 21 years where he’s assisted over 1000 children in their Studies from Math to Science to Language Arts. A FIRM BELIEVER that EDUCATION is the 1 thing we can all get that NO ONE can take from you!!! He Graduated from CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY in 2004 and went on to Arcadia University for a Masters in Early Childhood Education. 

Former Music Manager, Club Promoter, Hip-Hop Show Host and Ambassador for clothing boutiques in Philly, Jersey & the DMV area he decided to utilize his SKILLS and tell JOKES and make people forget about their lives for 3-60 minutes while He has the microphone. Happily Married and with a Love for Travel being a Comedian has afforded Cuzzin Paul that opportunity. He is also the Owner of “BLESSED PERIOD aka Blessed.” clothing company(“Every day you’re here you’re BLESSED PERIOD!!!” he utilizes profits to help his and expanding COMMUNITIES to see the way out of the dark tunnels financially, spiritually an mentally. Cuzzin Paul is an EXPERIENCE and he is humbled to have the opportunity to EXPERIENCE each and every individual GOD allows him too as he expresses “LAUGHTER is CHEAP THERAPY!!!”.

Rose Bailey Joseph
CEO and Founder
Destiny Interrupted?

Rose is the Founder and CEO of Destiny Interrupted? LLC, a Ministry with the vision to be a catalyst to help those in a destiny interrupted moment become unstuck and step into their God given destiny. She was born and raised in the UK and settled in the USA after meeting and marrying Karl Joseph, who she met In Antigua through a God ordained encounter, which began her own journey back from many years of being interrupted. Rose is a Licensed Minister serving at the Abundant Family Worship Church. She is also a Board member of two God-centered organizations, Handmaidens Ministries working with single Moms and the Good News Home for Women (drug and alcohol rehabilitation) in New Jersey, where her hearts desire is to practically help the women overcome their destiny interruption once and for all.

By profession Rose is a IT Director with 30+ years in Enterprise Program Management and recently Business Transformation and Digital Innovation; skills that she actively draws on in the execution of her international conferences, events and ministry. Monthly you can meet Rose online social media with her Destiny Interrupted? In Conversation - Interviews and Panel discussions.