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RTDC 2024 Breakout Sessions

The Nuts and Bolts of M.O.R.E.

Bishop Dorion Morgan

Spiritual Principles and Practical Steps of preparing for your season of INCREASE.


Pivot in the Pause

Denise Harvey

Are you in need of a pivot, a change in direction,  or are you stuck, yet know that a pause, a restart, or a turnaround is necessary for your life?  For some of us, the pivot is not chosen.  The pause can be the result of something that occurred and appeared to have removed our options from our reach. Your pause could be the loss of a job or career, it can be a sickness, perhaps, and unfortunately, it can also occur stemming from a marriage or relationship break up, and for some, it may even be due to the death of a loved one.  Then it’s time to turn it around, get up and do what is on your heart to do and trust me, age has nothing to do with it.   


Debt Interrupted!: How to Maximize Your Increase

Rose Bailey Joseph

It is natural to equate financial increase to becoming debt free and stepping into financial freedom.  A time when we can focus on our debt, pay them off, pay for the credit reports to be cleaned up and even cut up our credit cards. However, if we do not attach PURPOSE to our increase, coupled with a God-centered and disciplined mindset, very quickly we will be back at the same place. Back in debt and struggling to fulfill our divine destiny.


For this session we will be practical and talk about financial management, tithing, giving, savings, credit repair, budgets, debt planning and payment plans, but we will also learn about the “I CAN” method to be Intentional with our increase, to Confess unwise decisions daily, to seek Affirmation in God’s Word and develop New habits.  So that we can truly live a debt free life and maximize our increase.


Stop Being The Zero And Be The Hero You Were Meant To Be: Overcoming An Impoverished Mindset

Karen Orlando

You may be wearing glasses but do you have the right prescription? Just because you see yourself one way does not mean you are seeing yourself right. Nothing will sabotage your future more than not knowing who you are  and not knowing that there is treasure deep down inside of you. Sometimes our greatest enemy is our inner me. We don't feel like we belong in the room. Not only were you not built to break but you were built to succeed. Before there can be an outward manifestation there must be an inward transformation.


Elevating Your Connection: Increasing Your Relationship with God through Devoted Obedience

Carole Mendoza

Embark on an extraordinary spiritual journey with Coach Carole in this empowering talk inspired by her life-changing book, "All-In Paragon; Living a life by God's design." Delve into the power of devoted obedience and experience a deeper, more profound connection with God. Uncover hidden aspects of your life where you can fully commit to God's will and witness the miraculous transformation that awaits you. Don't miss this chance to embrace complete obedience and unlock the door to boundless blessings in every area of your life. Come increase your spiritual connection and ignite your soul.


Unleash Your Wealth Potential

Jessica McClean

1) How to master the mindset of the wealthiest version of you 2) How to avoid the "lottery effect" and make more money without sabotaing yourself 3) How to develop systems for managing your time & money effectively


The Profit Blueprint

Jason Davis

Did you know 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems ( You don’t have to be another statistic. Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. Maximize cash flow, pay yourself, and painlessly handle your tax bill with “The Profit Blueprint.”


From Author to Paid Author: Repurposing your Book Content into Multiple Streams of Income

Kate Nash

Why it's a wise idea to repurpose your own content, the benefits of different modalities, and how to know if your content is ready.          


Oh, That You Would Increase In Me, Oh God

Iesha Vigo

My message is coming from 1 Chronicle 4:10, the prayer of Jabez. In this I realize that I must completely surrender myself and my will to God willingly in order for me to increase my capacity to do and to be all that God is requiring of me. That type of increase requires a complete surrender and some discipline. It is a choice and an intentional one.


You Should Expect Increase

Dr. Joyce Mallory

God expects his people to increase and multiply all that he has provided for them.  Multiplication is the blessing of increase.  God made us stewards of his creation; the earth.  We have the ability to create various streams of income that enable us to bless our families and others when we create, develop products, and services that make our lives prosperous.  Many times entrepreneurs seeking increase must decrease multiple income streams to focus and prioritize one income stream for a greater increase.


From Genesis to Eden: Learning Wellness In My Family

Grace Freeman

The last 5 years of my life were written down in Genesis because it described my best attempts to be “me” and how I had lost “myself” completely.  I was “fallen” Eve – the jobless mum, my two eldest on the autistic spectrum, and a husband who seemed as helpless as them. Yet, after Eve “fell”, she got up again. Eve had God by her side now. Eden was still possible, but would have the inner faith to see that she was indeed made for “much more”?


Sales Beyond Numbers: The Relational Revolution

Hollie Whaley

When we think of sales we often only consider the amount of products or services we sell but what if I told you that there is so much more to it? By building authentic long lasting relationship you have the opportunity to grow your business in extraordinary ways.


Exploring Leadership: Unconventional Insights from Adventure Travel

Julia Gold

Embracing Discomfort as a Growth Tool: Adventure travel pushes you out of your comfort zone. Learn how embracing discomfort and uncertainty can sharpen your leadership skills by enhancing adaptability, resilience, and problem-solving abilities.  Cultivating Effective Team Dynamics: Adventure travel often involves working closely with a diverse group of individuals. Discover how these experiences can help you build and lead high-performing teams by fostering trust, communication, and collaboration.  Navigating Ambiguity and Decision-Making: Adventure travel frequently presents unexpected challenges and decisions. Gain insights into how these experiences can hone your ability to make sound decisions in high-pressure situations with limited information.  Developing a Growth Mindset: Adventure travel encourages a growth mindset, enabling you to view setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth. Explore how this mindset shift can positively impact your leadership style and approach to challenges in the workplace.  Leading with Purpose and Vision: Adventure travel experiences often connect individuals with a sense of purpose and a broader perspective on life. Learn how to translate these insights into a clear leadership vision that inspires and motivates your team.


Walk With Me: Finding Purpose Within the Dash

Paula Anderson

Living with grief, living with passion, living with purpose.  Birthday and death— These are two appointments that every person has when we are born. In one day we will die, and then between is the dash.  In the dash life deals us some things— good things, bad things, expected things, unexpected things, gains, and losses. Life deals us grief and sorrow; but also joy.

In this talk we're going to talk about getting through the stages of grief and finding a full and purposeful Life!


Unlocking V.A.L.U.E As The Key To Increase

Paula Hollis

Recognizing increase requires knowing your starting point and current status and reconciling the difference.  Ensuring increase in our lives requires understanding value, both earned and added/given, as the key. Value must be assessed related to Vision, Adaptability, Language, Upgrade Status and Energy.  How we show up for ourselves and others in these areas then determines our ability to recognize increase. 


Can We Talk About It? Increase Your Freedom By Increasing Your Transparency!

Maria Clemente

I'll be taking my audience through my own personal journey of increase. Increase in my freedom mentally, spiritually, and physically by releasing the things that we hold on to because no one wants to speak on them.


By using 3 quick personal stories I will show how through my transparency about what I was going through, or feeling I was able to increase my mental freedom, increase my trust in God as well as increase my faith. Providing me with the means to increase my freedom, while I also helped others through the same journey.

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